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The Best Thing You Should Know About Grace

The Best Thing You Should Know about Grace

Dear Mom,
Today, I’d like to introduce my dear friend, Hannah. She’s part of my MOPS community and has an incredible passion for loving her family and writing to encourage those close to her heart. She’s one of those awesome people who give great bear hugs and is eager to lend a helping hand. Hannah is a treasure and I know her invaluable words about grace will deeply encourage your heart.


The Best Thing You Should Know About Grace
The Best Thing You Should Know About Grace


A word I’ve heard so much about, but not something I’ve really deeply accepted yet.  It’s something talked about in church, in small groups, at MOPS. And it’s something that I need to embrace more. We’ve probably all heard it, right? “Just embrace grace…” I’ve heard it so much, it’s almost too sweet to mentally digest.  Like the thought of ever fitting into a size 8 jean again… I know I want it, but I’m just not at the point of wanting it enough to change.

There are so many days where I am in a raging battle within my heart. The battle to out-perform myself in every way possible vs. completely letting go of the growing list of ways I could be better.  Too often the former wins.  I know this because I am a pro at beating myself up for failing.  The desire to be “good enough” is an all too familiar ache in my soul… Even though I’ve been a Christian for the majority of my life, and I know in my head that I am already approved of, wholly acceptable, and endlessly adored by God.  Yet somehow this truth just hasn’t completely seeped into the deepest, most desperately starving areas of my heart.  The irony is that I’ve even shamed myself for not accepting grace enough…

The distance between my head and my heart can feel light-years apart.

When my soul is in the desert searching for something to quench my thirst, I know God is with me. He wants to lead me to the water that never runs dry.  God shows up in surprising ways, reminding me that He sees me individually and that not only does He knows my ocean-deep desires, but He can actually meet them, too.  On the occasion that I get far enough out of my own head to listen to that still, soft voice of the Holy Spirit, I hear the loving affirmations that my soul craves.  They wash over me like waves of cool water, soothing the burns of my own self-condemnation.  Those are the moments that I feel most alive, as though I can breathe deeply without the creeping fear of disapproval or chastisement choking me down.

How sweet is the freedom of a heart that knows it is loved entirely!

I can’t say the war is over in my quest to completely accept grace for myself, but I can say that with each battle fought, I am learning to lean more on the strength of my ever-loving God.  And with every choice to open His Word and search out His truth for me, I can fight the battles with more confidence, more endurance…
May we never give up! May we never lose heart knowing the war really is already won. That’s the best thing about grace. Jesus has won.




Hannah lives in a quaint rural Ohio town with her husband Brad and their two daughters, Chloe (5) and Maddison (3).
When not writing about her passions she enjoys escaping in the early mornings for a run “with Jesus” and her fur-baby, Jack, which helps maintain some of her sanity.
She is also a die-hard lover of road-tripping and exploring the U.S.


What’s holding you back from deeply embracing grace?

I would love to hear your answers in the comments below!

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