Hope to the Overwhelmed and Exhausted Mom

Dear Mom who is feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, I’ve got a story for you. I pray it will give you a bit of hope.

I fished a pregnancy test from the back of a drawer in our tiny downstairs bathroom. The last time I took one was just over a year ago. I held my breath and gawked at the two assaulting blue lines. My 6-month-old somehow didn’t wake from her nap as the walls reverberated from shouts of anguish.  This stitched up abdomen only just recovered from the emergency c-section that delivered her. The cherub child currently occupying the crib was still very much a baby. Not to mention I was still feeling very overwhelmed and exhausted as a new mom.

Hope to the Overwhelmed and Exhausted Mom

My husband was away on a work trip, and I was in desperate need of a hug and comfort food. Fortunately, my parents lived just minutes on the other side of town. I placed my order at the nearby Chinese restaurant and then I called my dad. In seven minutes he was on our doorstep. “I’ve got orange chicken if you want some, and I’m pregnant,” were the words that squeaked out between tears. My dad gives the best hugs.

I cried more than I care to admit the next few months.

Feeling unprepared to be a mother of two and the morning sickness was less than helpful in boosting my morose mood. The second-trimester I began to experience happiness regarding the pregnancy, and acceptance. It is unsurprisingly easier to feel happy when your stomach isn’t in nauseous knots.

Even though I now had a generally pleasant disposition, there was a wrecking fear in my mind of enduring another c-section. I was resolute to not go through that surgery again. But some things just don’t go according to plan. My water broke almost three weeks early, and I ended up having a second c-section. Fortunately, the surgery was not an emergency. My body was able to heal easier and quicker than with my first.

From Overwhelmed to Discovering Rest

A mother of two girls, 14 ½ months apart, and life was better than anticipated. However, I was still felt exhausted and overwhelmed. I remember my mom and a few wiser (slightly older) women encouraging me to rest. That, of course, felt like an impossible task.

As most of you moms know, especially ones with very little ones, keeping a tidy house becomes a gigantic hurdle. My house was not magazine cover worthy. But to my surprise, my visitors did not mind. This is when I started to learn to let go of some expectations that I had laid upon myself. From releasing some of those expectations I began discovering rest, it was marvelous.

I also found the world did not come to a screeching stop when I chose to not do housework but took a nap when my girls did. The more I took care of myself the better I was able to care for these two gems. This stage of motherhood wasn’t always easy, but now I can bravely shout, “I survived!” And if I did, you can as well. Courage, dear mom, and go sit down with that third cup of coffee. Then check out some confessions of an exhausted mom.


What about you? When’s the last time you felt overwhelmed and exhausted? What helps when you feel that way?

I would love to hear your answers in the comments below!


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