A Simple Prayer to Easily Breakthrough Your Hard Day

Dear Mom,

Would you like to know a simple prayer to easily break through your hard days?

We’ve all got those. Those hard days when what you need most are courage and hope.

You find yourself picking up the broken pieces of failing at motherhood, again. At least it feels like failing.

I know, because I’ve been the one to yell when I should have comforted. I’ve been the one to be snarky, using cutting words instead of kind words that heal. And I know because I’ve been the impatient, foot-tapping, voice-raising, hurry-upper-push-out-the-door mother one too many times.

You find yourself looking in your palms at those shards of once gleaming hope and it feels like an anchor is plummeting through the icy ocean depths with your heart. How will you ever rise to the sun-lit surface again?

A Simple Prayer to easily breakthrough Your Hard Day

Five words to utter with brokenness in your palms. Just five simple words to cry out when exhaustion is beyond gauging.

When you need a breakthrough in your hard day, a simple prayer for you:

Dear God, Please Help Me.

Just like a good Father he eagerly scoops up his sobbing and wounded child with gentle, comforting arms. All the grace and hope awaits and all we need do is to simply ask.

Ask, it is that easy. I can tell you this because I have experienced the hope and amazing grace when I have prayed these very words.

My dear friend, God does give hope to the hopeless. He gives peace, forgiveness, strength, and so much more. May you find this to be true.


What about you, dear mom, do you have a prayer or verse that eases the aching of your heart?
What is a source of encouragement and hope to you?

I would love to hear your answers in the comments below!

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