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Humorous Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Mom

Dear Sleep Deprived Mom,

I see you pouring that third cup of coffee. It might be the first cup you’ve actually drunk. The first cup spilled down the front of your shirt as you tripped over lego city. This may be the result of being sleep deprived or that the city was conveniently built in the hallway. The second cup got left in the microwave. Don’t worry, you’ll find it later in the afternoon and decide to drink it cold.

Breakfast is on the floor. Your toddler likes cheerios better when they aren’t on his tray anyways so there’s not much point in sweeping them up now. The sink has dishes from last night. Actually, two nights worth of dishes, but who’s counting? It’s 8:51 and you should be in the van dropping off the oldest to school, but you forgot to pack lunch, again. Yogurt tube, juice box, graham crackers it is! That basically covers all the food groups, right?

Congratulations, you’ve made it to morning nap.

You might start a load of laundry. Was this the clean pile? It smells good enough, let’s just put away some of the shirts so the mountain isn’t quite as high. Your reward for getting through some laundry is finding your preschooler’s favorite bear they wanted to bring for share day. Hooray! Maybe go take your own nap. #momwin

Lunch time!

Or maybe a quick run (haha) to the grocery first. You swear the refrigerator was full just this morning, or possibly it was last week. Eat your lunch. Sandwich crusts, perfect. Where are the keys? After spending 11 full minutes frantically searching the house including the toilet you realize they were in your pant pocket so you wouldn’t misplace them.

How are these little people hungry again? You know you just fed them 30 minutes ago. You agree to make hot dogs. Opening the microwave you find the second cup of coffee. This is where you stop caring and just drink it cold. You also remember to take your multivitamin.

Hello, afternoon nap time.

The rest of the laundry mountain is shoved to the floor and you collapse on the bed. Time to just rest your eyes before you start prepping for dinner. Sleep is so overrated. There’s drool on your cheek and sweep the hair out of your eyes you hear a faint buzz. That would be your phone alarm to go pick up your kid from school.

woman pouring black coffee from silver french press into a glass mug

Hey, mama, can you relate?

Tell me all about your sleep deprivation. Or share your best productivity tips once you are getting some shut eye!

P.S. I wrote this two years ago and I’m definitely getting more sleep now, there is hope!

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5 replies

  1. It makes one wonderer how you servived…..but then they all grow up, move away, and you are left wondering where all the years went.

    Just remember….the days are long but the years are really short and fleeting. Enjoy every moment.

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  2. This is hilarious! I can so relate!!!


  3. Sara, I love this! It’s been years since I reheated the same cup of coffee about 15 times a day, set it in various places around the house, and then finally drank it cold – or encountered it the next day. i’ve had sleep deprivation since then – waiting up for my teen son to come home from being out with friends, but that’s a whole other blog post. I love how relatable your words are – and without even saying anything directly, you make us all feel known and understood, even celebrated. What a gift you have for encouraging moms.


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