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Hannah’s Story of Finger-Tip Faith

Encouraging words today from my dear friend, Hannah Fisher.

Hannah is a wife, homeschooling mother, writer, Truth-seeker, Life-Speaker, Holy-Spirit-Loving, Marriage-Guarding Woman.

Far off farm houses and barns with dark, stormy clouds covering most of the sky.

Picture by Hannah Fisher

Maybe you feel like these farmhouses…shrouded in a dark storm, no sunlight to be seen.

Maybe circumstances feel hopeless or unchangeable and you’re running out of strength to hold on…Maybe you’ve spent years hoping that a relationship would change for the better, but your heart can’t bear the ache anymore; it would be easier to just give up.
I know what those kinds of seasons feel like… painfully dark, difficult to see through, to keep hoping. I know how it feels when your heart has been battered and bruised to almost unrecognizable.

I know what it’s like to cling to faith, even though it seems like all you’ve got left is your fingertips to hold you there… and you’re tired.

But if all you’ve got is fingertip-faith keeping you, you’ve got enough faith!

God said all we need was as much as a mustard seed of faith… that’s not a lot! But it’s enough to grow.

Those clouds are pretty heavy with rain and they’re dark enough to block out the sun. But that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t still there, shining brightly, steadfast and enduring.
God is ALWAYS with us!

I’ve had to bury my face in the Word and repeat over and over “You promised to never leave me or forsake me! You’re not done with me. You’re not giving up on me! God, You’re bigger than this situation. Help me hold on!”

And He has. He has helped pull me up from fingertip-faith to full-hand faith, to where my arms were completely wrapped around Him in trust.
Not every situation has changed for the better… I still have hopes and dreams unmet, but they’re no longer weights around my ankles; they’re safely in Jesus’ hands.

I just want to encourage you to hang on to Him… Believe by faith, trusting Him even though you can’t see the Son through the darkness. He’s always there! His Word is true, and He never breaks His promises. He’s with you in the storm.

Thanks for listening to Hannah’s heart and story of Faith. Leave her a kind comment or two, would ya!?

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