Sara Lauren Lewis

Cultivating Kindness and Encouraging the Weary Soul

Hope Writer Challenge, Day 4: Mood

The sun and warmth of Texas continually lifts my mood.

My house dons a rosy demeanor as from inside out I bloom.

Glorious sunshine and vitamin D does my body and soul a favor.

And though depression may still clench it’s fists around my mind from time to time, it doesn’t define me.

Cognitive therapy, reading, praying, and that glowing yellow orb of delight help remind me; this illness is temporary.

And when my mood does dip yet again, and the world seems colder and crueler than usual, I resolve to not give up.

That current mood is not me.

When the sun breaks through the clouds yet again, I will lift my hands in praise. My head tilts back to face the bright blue above and I laugh away the tears.

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Categories: Encouragement

5 replies

  1. I love your heart and your words!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your miniblog on MOOD 😊. Blessings to you, Sister!!

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  3. Just keep on looking to Him. You have a beautiful way with words.


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