Sara Lauren Lewis

Cultivating Kindness and Encouraging the Weary Soul

Truth from Exodus and a Reflection on Feelings.

Fleeting, fickle feelings.

The good and the bad come and go like the tide.

Somedays it feels like the ebb and flow is off kilter though.

Grief, depression, anxiety,
They all drain so ruthlessly.

But no matter how I am feeling at this current juncture, I have discovered a profound truth.

There is One who does not change, and there is One who is steadfast.

In Exodus 3 we discover the ever sustaining God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
I Am.
The name the Lord gives himself.


This name sums up all characteristics.

I Am
The beginning and end
The same yesterday, today, and forever
The truth, the way, the life
The word

I Am

An incomplete compilation, but a quick reminder for when my soul feels weary.

As author Abigail Wilson stated, “We may be on fire, but we will not be consumed.”

Just like the burning bush in the desert.

Courage, dear heart, for I Am is with you.

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  1. The Great I AM! He is all we need.
    Beautifully written.


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