Sara Lauren Lewis

Cultivating Kindness and Encouraging the Weary Soul

May we know the name El Shaddai

We are going through Exodus in our Tuesday morning Bible study.

It’s fascinating to read the history of Israel. And learn more about God, who He is, and His plan.

The name of El Shaddai stuck with me today.

I was inspired to write, and so now you have this poem 🙂

May simple acts of kindness never be an afterthought.

Let hope never be forgotten and love remain a priority.

May our actions be our loudest voice but only after listening.

Let us walk humbly so no kindness is too small.

May our gentleness be evidence of peace that passes understanding.

Let anger be quelled with wisdom.

May hurried pride slow to love the least.

Let goodness and mercy fill not only our vocabulary but also daily deeds.

May we know the Lord,
El Shaddai, the mighty who saves the weary soul

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4 replies

  1. beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. El Shaddai, the all sufficient Almighty God. I throughouly enjoyed when I did a names of God study. To break down and meditate of the character of God is definitely a beautiful thing. It seems it was for you also since it produced a psalm from your heart…beautiful!!


  3. “May our actions be our loudest voice but only after listening.”
    YES! I love the intentionality with this thought. As a talker myself, I am learning the value of listening more, and having stronger follow through with my response; no longer just filling in the silence, but intentionally targeting what I say (or do) as an action of love.


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