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Encouragement for the Weary Soul

Find the Friends Who Encourage You

Hi Friend,

Today is a special day! March 6th is my first born’s birthday. I’m just beaming with mama pride. Today, my sweet girl is 8! You can find some sweet mother/daughter pictures over on my Instagram.

Mom Encouragement

As much as we are celebrating today, motherhood can be really hard some days. Every mom needs daily doses of encouragement. Is that need being met in your life?

I learned early on in my motherhood journey that I needed encouraging friends. These friends were the listeners, hope givers, and truth speakers that loved me when I needed it most.

Sometimes these cherished friends are not in close proximity to us. It can be hard. (Understatement). But sometimes the sweetest friendships unexpectedly grow and bloom from afar. There is more intentionality in staying connected. And even though communication may not happen every week or even every month, you both have the knowledge that person’s got your back. You know that encourager is praying and interceding on your behalf.

And some encouragement comes in the most unlooked for and surprising ways.

Slow Down, Mama

Slow Down, Mama book by Patty H. Scott

A new writer friend mailed me her book Slow Down, Mama.

She knew it would encourage me and selflessly just sent it as a gift without a second thought. My heart truly overflows with joy. Thank you, Patty!

And now the second exciting thing about today! Patty has launched a brand new devotional that compliments her latest book. Slow Down, Mama: 31 Days to Slowing and Savoring can now be found on Amazon. This is an easy to read, uplifting devotional that is worth having in your library.

If you’re like me, slowing and savoring is exactly what I need in life right now.

Oh, and bonus news!

For today only (March 6, 2019), in celebration of the new devotional being launched, you can get Patty’s book for FREE! Yep, her the ebook version of Slow Down, Mama: Intentional Living in a Hurried World is free today only, so don’t miss it!

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4 replies

  1. Sara, Thank you for this sweetness. I hope so many moms – who really need the feeling that they are not alone – get a hold of these words and feel loved and blessed. I’m praying those who are running themselves ragged would find rest and a pace that fits their season. I’m so grateful for you and YOUR encouraging heart.


  2. The title says it all. We rush through life when He wants us to enjoy it in His rest.


  3. Your blogs are right on Sara!
    Keep ’em coming.


  4. I so relate to having really good friends who are not close in proximity! And the “too busy” part too..


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