Sara Lauren Lewis

Cultivating Kindness and Encouraging the Weary Soul


Hope Writer Challenge, Day 4: Mood

The sun and warmth of Texas continually lifts my mood. My house dons a rosy demeanor as from inside out I bloom. Glorious sunshine and vitamin D does my body and soul a favor. And though depression may still clench it’s fists around my mind from time to time, it doesn’t define me. Cognitive therapy, reading, praying, and that glowing yellow orb of delight help remind me; this illness is […]

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Hannah’s Story of Finger-Tip Faith

Encouraging words today from my dear friend, Hannah Fisher. Hannah is a wife, homeschooling mother, writer, Truth-seeker, Life-Speaker, Holy-Spirit-Loving, Marriage-Guarding Woman. Maybe you feel like these farmhouses…shrouded in a dark storm, no sunlight to be seen. Maybe circumstances feel hopeless or unchangeable and you’re running out of strength to hold on…Maybe you’ve spent years hoping that a relationship would change for the better, but your heart can’t bear the ache […]

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Let us not become weary in the New Year

New Year 2019 Hey it’s Wednesday, The day after a holiday, January 2nd, the post New Year slump day. And where I’m at in Texas it is cold (for us! 😉), grey, and rainy. In short, it’s a bit gloomy. Where are you at? Have you hit a low after all the holiday glitz? Maybe you’re back to work. Or maybe you’re at home with kids, and perhaps even counting […]

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