Sara Lauren Lewis

Cultivating Kindness and Encouraging the Weary Soul


May we know the name El Shaddai

We are going through Exodus in our Tuesday morning Bible study. It’s fascinating to read the history of Israel. And learn more about God, who He is, and His plan. The name of El Shaddai stuck with me today. I was inspired to write, and so now you have this poem 🙂 May simple acts of kindness never be an afterthought. Let hope never be forgotten and love remain a […]

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Truth from Exodus and a Reflection on Feelings.

Fleeting, fickle feelings. The good and the bad come and go like the tide. Somedays it feels like the ebb and flow is off kilter though. Grief, depression, anxiety, They all drain so ruthlessly. But no matter how I am feeling at this current juncture, I have discovered a profound truth. There is One who does not change, and there is One who is steadfast. In Exodus 3 we discover […]

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Hannah’s Story of Finger-Tip Faith

Encouraging words today from my dear friend, Hannah Fisher. Hannah is a wife, homeschooling mother, writer, Truth-seeker, Life-Speaker, Holy-Spirit-Loving, Marriage-Guarding Woman. Maybe you feel like these farmhouses…shrouded in a dark storm, no sunlight to be seen. Maybe circumstances feel hopeless or unchangeable and you’re running out of strength to hold on…Maybe you’ve spent years hoping that a relationship would change for the better, but your heart can’t bear the ache […]

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